Billboard Live TOKYO

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Club Informationクラブインフォメーション

Tokyo Midtown in Roppongi, where arts and cultures from around the world emerges, the home of Billboard Live Tokyo, is the urban oasis for people looking for luxurious experiences, from dining, shopping or just relax in the park on the premises.
It is located in the very busy area, but it makes it so easy to visit via underground transportation accessible directly to the building.

Theatre like multi-tiers auditorium with nightscape backdrop
Seats are laid out in three tiers: lower tier, the same level as the stage, set up with dining tables; and the middle tier is set up with sofas and counters; and the upper tier is set up with counters. With the backdrop curtain opened until the show start, guaranteed entertainment with gorgeous nightscape.

How to purchase tickets:
Tickets can be purchased via online or over the phone.

CLUB BBL Membership-the club within the club:
Benefits includes priority booking, one complimentary drink when you book service area seat, discount on the tickets for selected shows.
Eligible to apply membership benefit to all Billboard Live venues.


Billboard Live Tokyo

03-3405-1133 (Japanese language only)
Tokyo Midtown Garden Terrace 4F, 7-4 Akasaka 9-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052
Box office business hours
On show days 12pm – 2nd show time*
*show schedule varies depend on the program. Please check ‘SCHEDULE’ page for the exact time.
On no-show days Mondays to Fridays 12pm-5pm
Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays closed
Operates daily during above hours unless otherwise noted.
Please check ‘SCHEDULE’ page for details of each show.

*Tickets may become available for reservation and sale on different days depending on the artist.
*For more information on Club BBL, the exclusive Billboard Live member's club, see our membership page.(Japanese only)
*We are unable to validate tickets for Tokyo Midtown's parking lot.


Service Area

S Reserved Seat Service Area Music Fee+1,100yen (per person)
The closest seating area to the stage.
R Reserved Seat Service Area Music Fee
DUO Seat / 4F RL Sides Music Fee+3,300yen
1-2person sofa seats
DX Seat Counter / 4F Front Music Fee+2,200yen(per person)
Counter seating (DL:Low Counter / DH:High Counter)
DX Seat DUO / 4F Front Music Fee+4,400yen
1-2person box seats

Casual Area

Casual Area counter seating area includes 1 free drink with ticket purchase. additional drinks and light meals available at the bar. (NB: Drinks not included in the price of corporate members tickets.)
Billboard Live TOKYO
Billboard Live TOKYO 東京都港区赤坂9丁目7番4号
東京ミッドタウン ガーデンテラス4F
Soul Bird Music School